We added Google web font support

Posted 4 years ago
by Russell to improvement

The LinkPeek snapshot workers now have support for Google Web Fonts!

We solved this issue by installing the fonts locally on each snapshot worker. As a way of giving back to the community, we have decided to share our font install proceedure.

How to install Google web fonts to a Linux localhost

  1. create a directory for google fonts

    mkdir -p /usr/share/fonts/truetype/google-fonts/
  2. install mercurial hg …

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We have implemented viewport a new request parameter.

Viewport allows you to:

  • snapshot responsive designs
  • take wide panorama website screenshots
  • emulate mobile screen sizes

Before viewport:

before viewport 400

After viewport=400:

after viewport 400

For complete documentation visit website screenshot request options

liblinkpeek.java was occasionally produced invalid security tokens.
Java's BigInteger strips leading zeros. This causes resulting MD5 hashes to be incorrect.
Pad the security token (MD5 hash) with leading 0s until 32 characters in length.
while ( token.length() < 32 ) { token = "0" + token; } // pad with 0's

Special thanks goes out to Shazin Shafi Ahamed (https://bitbucket.org/shazinahmed) for reporting this bug and providing details …

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Hit count bug

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to improvement

Apparently we had a bug that only registered 1 hit for really quick API requests. The request counts appear atomic now.

No more freebies! ; )

Dashboard update change card and plan

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to improvement

Members now have the ability to change their credit card and plan. Check out the new dashboard today!

LinkPeek Wordpress plugin released

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to improvement

Added account helper pages

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to improvement

I finally got around to building the forgot username, forgot password, and change password pages. LinkPeek should be a bit more functional now.

Linkpeek's webpage snapshot request options now support fetching images securely over HTTPS / SSL.

Requesting secure website screenshot images from a secure site will prevent mixed content warnings.

Added HTTPS support

Posted 6 years ago
by Russell to improvement

We have added secure site (https) support to LinkPeek. Special thanks to Charles Campbell, Sami, and Anthony for reporting the bug.

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