Request Options

Query string parameters. Anatomy of an API request.

Request options and parameters can be in any order.

Manditory request options and parameters:

Target web page address. A URI target with a query string should be encoded to prevent the API from accidentally parsing it.
Your account identifier, sign up to get one.
The security token md5 hash. md5( secret + uri + size ).

Optional parameters:

Width x Height (pixels). '336x336' will return a perfect cropped square screenshot image. We always maintain proportions when we scale. Use 'original' to request the raw uncropped image.
Wait an amount of time in milliseconds after the DOM Loaded event before taking the screenshot. Default delay is 1200.

Some webpages use long loading Javascript or Flash elements which occur well after the DOM loaded event. In order to take a proper screenshot of these pages, we needed to introduce a delay. Delay slows the whole process down so only use it as a last resort.
Set a custom viewport size in pixels. For example use 400 for a mobile device resolution. Default viewport is 1024.

Example: viewport and screenshots
Time-to-live in seconds of the cached screenshot. Default ttl is 86400 or one day.

syntax:[target]&apikey=[your key]&token=[md5(secret+uri+size)]&size=[Width x Height]

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