Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkPeek?
LinkPeek is a fast real-time web page screenshot service. Thats a mouthful. Basically we capture, store, and update webpage snapshots for you.
Who should use LinkPeek?
People who need to embed self updating webpage screen shots. LinkPeek works anywhere. Our customers use LinkPeek screenshots within their websites, web applications, blogs, emails, and most recently iPhone applications. People also use LinkPeek to do batch or bulk snapshot work.
How does LinkPeek work?
LinkPeek has an army of snapshot workers that accept requests and return images. The workers handle the logistics of capturing screenshots, scaling & cropping snapshots, and keeping images fresh and updated. You command the snapshot army with a simple API!
Can I screenshot an entire web page with LinkPeek?
Yes, to get a snapshot of an entire web page set the following parameter: size=original
How long will LinkPeek keep images hosted?
If you hotlink to the api call, forever. If you hot link to the direct image, a day or so. For best results use the API call anywhere you would want to source the image so we can refresh the image periodically.
Can I use my plan on multiple websites?
Yes, you may use your plan on any website. Be creative, use LinkPeek however you want!
Can I store screenshots on my own server?
Yes, You may download the screenshots from LinkPeek and host them on your own server. However for screen shots to automatically refresh you should directly embed the API call.
Do you offer scheduled screenshots?
Our customers use the LinkPeek API and a cronjob to take scheduled screenshots.
Would mobile and tablet screenshots be possible with your service?
Mobile and Tablet size screenshots are possible using the 'view port' API options. These features are included in the same low price.
Can I sign up for a free trial?
We do not have a free trail. We price our "development" plan low enough for testing. That said, if you ask nicely we will give you a coupon code for the first month.
Can I try your service without entering credit card information?
Yes, you may use the website thumbnail generator to get a feel for the speed and quality. We do not offer a trial or demo of the API because we price the "development" plan so low.
Is my credit card and personal information secure?
Yes! We use stripe.com as our credit card payment processor. Your card information never even hits our web servers. Stripe is PCI compliant so your personal data is very secure.
My question wasn't answered, can we talk first?
Yes, we would love to hear from you. Ask us your questions.

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