No programming required!

Posted 72 days ago
by Russell to announcement

You do not need to be a programmer to use LinkPeek!

It occured to me recently that I have never shown screen shots of the LinkPeek Dashboard itself. If you join LinkPeek you will gain access to a tool that helps you take screen shots of web pages. It allows you to choose the size and viewport of the images.

animated GIF of the LinkPeek web page screenshot helper

What does LinkPeek mean?

Posted 2 years ago
by Russell to announcement

What does LinkPeek mean?

LinkPeek is the combination of the work "link" and "peek".

Link is short for "hyperlink" a piece of text that may be clicked on to travel to another web page. Peek is the act of sneaking a look at something. Put them together you have LinkPeek.

Originally the usecase for LinkPeek was to be a Link previewing service. Allow users to peek at a …

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So you use Pelican static site generator and you want to add a custom Jinja filter for use in your templates? Great!

In this post I show how to take a simple Python function and make it accessable as a custom filter. As an example we will create a filter called LinkPeek which will allow us to easily embed website screenshots into our pages.

First, we need to …

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We added Google web font support

Posted 4 years ago
by Russell to improvement

The LinkPeek snapshot workers now have support for Google Web Fonts!

We solved this issue by installing the fonts locally on each snapshot worker. As a way of giving back to the community, we have decided to share our font install proceedure.

How to install Google web fonts to a Linux localhost

  1. create a directory for google fonts

    mkdir -p /usr/share/fonts/truetype/google-fonts/
  2. install mercurial hg …

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Peeker the LinkPeek Mascot

Posted 4 years ago
by Russell to announcement

On Thanksgiving I learned how to use Inkscape to create vector graphics and I produced an icon-logo-mascot for LinkPeek. I'm proud to introduce Peeker!

Here is the SVG version of Peeker which may be further manipulated in Inkscape.

peeker the linkpeek icon logo mascot

We have implemented viewport a new request parameter.

Viewport allows you to:

  • snapshot responsive designs
  • take wide panorama website screenshots
  • emulate mobile screen sizes

Before viewport:

before viewport 400

After viewport=400:

after viewport 400

For complete documentation visit website screenshot request options

Images on hover-lib

Posted 4 years ago
by Russell to gift of code

We built hover-lib at LinkPeek because we needed a way to add on-hover images to select links. Images are loaded just-in-time to reduce bandwidth usage.

Update: We wrote a really neat example of what hover-lib does: Website Screenshot of every two-letter domain

The hover-lib library may be downloaded here: hover-lib.

How to use hover-lib

include hover-lib.css in the head:

  <!--   include the hover-lib stylesheet  -->
  <link rel="stylesheet …
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The whole LinkPeek site had a make-over

Posted 4 years ago
by Russell to announcement

We have finished moving the rest of the LinkPeek site to the new theme.

The new theme does not appear to have altered the conversion frequency of new customers. I would have thought a more professional looking site would cause the conversions frequency to increase.

We have a new look

Posted 4 years ago
by Russell to announcement

Yay, we are sporting a new look! We finally got around to creating a custom theme and web design for LinkPeek.

The first area of the site to switch over is this blog. The other sections should move over in the next week.

Man this is pretty great looking!

: )

How to batch convert xcf to png

Posted 4 years ago
by Russell to gift of code

My favorite image manipulator program is GIMP and I often find myself with a directory full of xcf (gimp project files) that I would like to convert into PNGs for use on the web or in a video game. I like to keep my "master" copy of image assets in xcf format to preserve layer and history meta-data.

Today I was experimenting with an idea called sketch notes …

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LinkPeek website screenshot service has teamed up with The Easy API to improve user experience and value for our members.

What is The Easy API?

The Easy API is a centralized service which reduces multiple API endpoints down to one standardized endpoint. This means you can access LinkPeek webpage screenshots and many other APIs from one place.

Meet Jeff

Jeff operates an awesome SEO company but needs to …

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This post explains how to build a link which will display an image when a user hovers over their mouse. This technique could be used to create help balloons or link previews.

OK, lets build the special link one step at a time.

  1. Create a link:

    <a href="">website screenshot service</a>
  2. Add a place holder image like this transparent 1x1 pixel png. Notice that …

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We are please to release filevault into the public domain. This module allows programmers to easily create and maintain large and complex directory trees. The LinkPeek API uses this module heavily!

The latest documentation and verison live here: [sourcecode]

A Vault will:

  • Create a directory tree of custom depth
  • Spreads files out which keeps CLI snappy when traversing the tree
  • Scale to hundreds of thousands of files
  • Obfuscate …
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Problem: was occasionally produced invalid security tokens.
Java's BigInteger strips leading zeros. This causes resulting MD5 hashes to be incorrect.
Pad the security token (MD5 hash) with leading 0s until 32 characters in length.
while ( token.length() < 32 ) { token = "0" + token; } // pad with 0's

Special thanks goes out to Shazin Shafi Ahamed ( for reporting this bug and providing details …

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We are please to release logmongo into the public domain. This module allows programmers to easily log messages to a capped MongoDB collections. [sourcecode]

What does it do?

  • Gracefully creates capped collections.
  • Auto expires oldest records first and solves log rotation.
  • Writes complex (dicts and kwargs) log records.
  • Logs asynchronously.
  • Collects logs locally or remotely or in a central location.
  • Allows access to logs via MongoDB queries and …
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Coupon codes emailed

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to announcement

Today we sent coupon codes to anyone who signed up early. Forgot to signup and still want a coupon code? Tell us what you will be using LinkPeek for, and we will reply back with a code.

Hit count bug

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to improvement

Apparently we had a bug that only registered 1 hit for really quick API requests. The request counts appear atomic now.

No more freebies! ; )

Dashboard update change card and plan

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to improvement

Members now have the ability to change their credit card and plan. Check out the new dashboard today!

StartupGrind covered a story on LinkPeek

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to announcement

web page screenshot of LinkPeek post on StartupGrind

We survived your beta testing

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to announcement

Beta is now over. Thank you for the support during the testing.

LinkPeek Wordpress plugin released

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to improvement

Added account helper pages

Posted 5 years ago
by Russell to improvement

I finally got around to building the forgot username, forgot password, and change password pages. LinkPeek should be a bit more functional now.

Linkpeek's webpage snapshot request options now support fetching images securely over HTTPS / SSL.

Requesting secure website screenshot images from a secure site will prevent mixed content warnings.

Added HTTPS support

Posted 6 years ago
by Russell to improvement

We have added secure site (https) support to LinkPeek. Special thanks to Charles Campbell, Sami, and Anthony for reporting the bug.

LinkPeek Apology

Posted 6 years ago
by Russell to announcement

I am truly sorry for the grotesque and disgusting imagery posted on our site this morning. I left the "most recent" image on the website even though multiple people warned me about the possible misuse. I blame only myself.

I lost my lunch today. My nerves are all messed up. I have worked on the LinkPeek software for the past 6 months. The thought that LinkPeek was used …

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LinkPeek was #1 story on hacker news

Posted 6 years ago
by Russell to announcement became the top story on hacker news sunday night into monday morning! Thank you all for the support.

Free thumbnails until Christmas

Posted 6 years ago
by Russell to announcement

LinkPeek is offering 140x100 pixel thumbnails until Christmas 2011! Try the Website thumbnail generator now!

Unlimited webpage thumbnails forever!

LinkPeek listed on ProgrammableWeb

Posted 6 years ago
by Russell to announcement

LinkPeek, webpage to image snapshot API, has joined forces with ProgrammableWeb directory!

Website Thumbnail Generator

Posted 6 years ago
by Russell to announcement

Website to image API released

Posted 6 years ago
by Russell to announcement

We are proud to present the Website to image API. Embed self updating webpage snapshots on your site now, or we'll do it for you!

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